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The Chair // Visual Encounters with Power

Online workshop

As Mirzoeff put it (2005: 6), “Western culture has consistently privileged the spoken word as the highest form of intellectual practice and seen visual representations as second-rate illustrations of ideas.” Mitchell has coined “pictorial turn” (1994: 11) in today’s culture the shift from a text-centric to a multi-medial, mainly visual approach to the world. Visual studies are gaining space in social sciences, if not on the highways, at least on the sidewalks of research and teaching practice.
Mirzoeff, N. (2005) An Introduction to Visual Culture. London and New York: Routledge
Mitchell, W.J.T. (1994) Picture Theory. London: The University of Chicago Press

10. november, 2011. thursday:
07:00–10:00 GMT Workshop with the students of the "Plugor Sándor" High School for the Arts

11. november, 2011., friday:
07:00–10:00 GMT Workshop with the students of the "Plugor Sándor" HIgh School for the Arts

12. november, 2011., saturday:
08:15–09:00 GMT Screening and award of the students work

Animation workshop trainers: KISPÁL Attila, KISPÁL Ágnes-Evelin, ÖRDÖG-GYÁRFÁS Ágota, VETRÓ BODONI Barnabás

09:15–12:00 GMT The power of visual communication
Online workshop in Hungarian language

BAKÓ Rozália Klára – Chair, Office, Gadgets: Transformation of Organizational Status Symbols
GYÖNGYÖSI Csilla – Aniconism in Islam
HORVÁTH Gizella – Chair – Masculin, Bed – Feminin. Gender Representations in Paintings
HUBBES László-Attila – Hetoimasia, the Message of the Empty Throne
KISPÁL Ágnes-Evelin – Examples of Non-universal Chairs
RÉSZEG Imola – The Power of Images
TAMÁS Dénes – Saint George reloaded
TELEGDY Balázs – Traps of Research Data Visualization

14:00–15:30 GMT Visual research project presentations
Online workshop in English

BAKÓ Rozália Klára – Consumerist Organisations: a Visual Analysis
GYÖNGYÖSI Csilla – Aniconism in Islam
HUBBES László-Attila – Neopagan Groups' Web Rhetoric
Andreea ȘTILIUC – The dispositif, a method for analyzing the presidential debates
Olesya VENGER – Spin doctoring of political images
Samantha WARREN – InVisio – International Network for Visual Studies in Organisations

Our most recent temporary exhibition entitled Shades was opened in the Arcade House on Saturday, 24 June 2023.[ details ]
On 1 April 2015 MAGMA Contemporary Art Space from Sfântu Gheorghe celebrated its 5 years anniversary. During these five years we have collaborated with around 250 artists, art theorists, philosophers, etc. and together we contributed to what MAGMA is today.[ details ]
MAGMA Contemporary Art Space from Sfântu Gheorghe cordially invites you to the opening of the group exhibition Examples for Non-universal Chair on March 18, 2015 at 18:00. [ details ]
MAGMA Contemporary Art Space from Sf. Gheorghe kindly invites you to the opening of the exhibition 'DREAMHUNTING' by Igor BUHAROV (Kornél SZILÁGYI), Ivan BUHAROV (Nándor HEVESI) and Vasile CROAT (László HORVÁTH). [ details ]
On January 15, 2015 at 19:00 MAGMA Contemporary Art Space from Sfântu Gheorghe cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition entitled The geometry of water by Hungarian artist Ágnes PÉTER winner of the first prize at the second edition of the International Graphic Art Biennial in Szeklerland.[ details ]
SALON VIDEO and MAGMA Contemporary Art Space cordially invite you to the opening of the archive-exhibition salonvideo_SUBmissions.[ details ]
Magda CSUTAK // Solo Exhibition[ details ]
Ivan Ladislav GALETA solo exhibition[ details ]
Opening: 14. February, 2014., 19:00[ details ]
Group exhibition[ details ]
Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák & Márton Fernezelyi [ details ]
The 35-year anniversary exhibition of MAMŰ[ details ]
Prints, Drawings and Photos from the Ethnological Archives[ details ]
MAGMA Contemporary Art Space invites you to the opening of the exhibition entitled Master and disciple 4 of the artists Ilona NÉMETH and Jaro VARGA [ details ]
Joint temporary exhibition of the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism, the Hungarian Museum for Science, Technology and Transport and the Fazakas & Kimmel Collection [ details ]
The commune Árkos and the Covasna County Capital, Sepsiszentgyörgy will host an extraordinary event: the ‘Spiral’ International Contemporary Art Symposium takes place here at the Training Center and the garden of the Szentkereszty Castle. [ details ]
Our exhibition attempts to give an overview of the main events, effects and consequences of the greatest plague epidemic of European history, the Black Death, which first devastated Europe in 1347-1349. [ details ]
Holidays and Encounters II. – Ethnographic exhibition and Europe in Miniature cultural program in the Székely National Museum[ details ]
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